This database on the energy label for sanitary fittings provides information for more than 2600 labelled products sold in Switzerland.


Energy label


The energy label for sanitary fittings indicates the energy-efficiency of shower heads, kitchen sprays, shower jets, fittings and water-saving attachments, etc., through a classification ranging from A (high level of efficiency) to G (low level of efficiency). This label aims at increasing people's awareness of the urge to use hot water more sparingly in the bathroom, kitchen, at washstands...

This benefit for the environment also reduces costs. The production of hot water requires a great deal of energy – often more than what is required for room heating in a modern house or apartment!

SwissEnergy defined the criteria for this label together with sanitary fittings manufacturers and specialised trade and industry associations. Classifying products in seven categories (A to G) makes it easier for buyers to compare them.



«Schweizerischer Verband für energieeffiziente Sanitärprodukte SVES» took over in 2016 the responsibility for the energy label regarding sanitary fittings in Switzerland. More

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