In the sanitary database you will find over 6400 products labelled with the Swiss energy label for sanitary products


Save energy with hot water thanks to the energy label for sanitary products


The energy label for sanitary products shows at a glance how efficient shower heads, taps, mixers, kitchen showers and water-saving inserts are. It divides the products into classes. Products that consume little energy are assigned to class A, while those that consume a lot of energy are assigned to class G.

The aim of the energy label is to raise awareness of the economical use of hot water. This benefits the environment and your wallet in equal measure. After all, a lot of energy is needed to heat water - in a modern house, this is often more than for space heating.



If you consistently only buy shower heads, taps and water savers with efficiency class A, you have opted for a convenient and economical solution.


Pay attention to the energy label

Good products have the energy label printed on the packaging, in the brochure or on the web. This makes it easy for you to judge the efficiency of the products.


How to find your product

  1. select the place of use from the list (washbasin, kitchen, shower, etc.)
  2. select the type (single lever mixer, shower spray, water saver, etc.)
  3. you can also specify the desired efficiency class(es) (optional)

Now click on the "magnifying glass" and the database will compile a list of products for you.

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