Obtain the energy label

6 steps to the energy label


All producers and distributors of sanitary products can apply to the SVES office to use the energy label for sanitary products. >


Anyone wishing to use the Swiss energy label for sanitary products must first sign the declaration of cooperation (step 1). This describes the rules for labelling products with the energy label.


Step 1: Basic requirements for participation

Step 2: Provision of access data for product registration

Step 3: Checking the products

Step 4: Entering the data in the product database

Step 5: Publication on the sanitary database

Step 6: Labelling of the products by the manufacturer


Membership of the association is not required to use the energy label, but the SVES welcomes new members. If you would like to join the SVES, please contact the office:





The product categories, criteria and measurement methods are described in the regulations for the energy label for sanitary products. > Download regulations


For further information on product registration or membership of the association, please contact the office >



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